Worksite Health Advisors (WHA) has identified and vetted "high performance" health care firms that consistently deliver measurably better health outcomes and/or far lower cost within a particular high value niche. These include clinic vendors that can drop your total health care by 15% or more within 3 years of implementation. Or a musculoskeletal disorder management vendor that guarantees a 25% reduction in costs within that area. Or vendors that reliably reduce drug spend by 25%-30%. Or organizations that use medical claims review and reference-based pricing to recover 10%-15% of total spend. You get the idea.

"High performance" is a designation we have assigned to organizations that guarantee and have a history of producing far better results. After reviewing many companies, we have found that the leaders of these firms are typically mission-, data- and evidence-driven, and have high subject matter expertise within a niche. They have deconstructed a particular problem, usually within a high value (meaning expensive) area and devised solutions that far outperform the conventional ones. They typically are so confident about their capabilities that they are willing to go at financial risk for the performance targets they claim they can achieve. 

Each of these solutions is different, but proven. To succeed, some require concentrated worker populations within a market. Some go to work and produce results almost without being noticed. Others require modest disruption, but certainly not nearly as much as they return in benefit.

So what does WHA do?

  1. We identify and evaluate health care vendors in many high impact areas of clinical and financial risk that can demonstrate consistently better health outcomes and/or significantly lower cost.
  2. We orchestrate direct contracts with vendors that typically are unavailable on health plans.
  3. We independently oversee, manage & report on performance.
  4. We represent and are paid by purchasers rather than the vendors we evaluate. Our fees are tied to your results.
  5. Savings can be amplified by reduced stop loss premiums.

The results can be powerful. As the table below shows, improved health outcomes with savings of greater than 25% are easily achievable.

WHA independently monitors each firm’s performance, but we highly recommend and stand behind these firms based on their unique methodologies and results. Take a look.

Let's discuss your plan's performance and what can reasonably be done to impact that, working within the constraints of your current vendors. Most organizations are astonished at the proven impacts associated with each solution.